Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who needs Euler et al anyways...???

Hey... don't take me wrong guys... I ain't here to criticize these guys or question their intellect (anyways I do not have enough credentials to do that). I just wish to make you guys aware of Ancient Indian Mathematicians and Astronomers - those who existed on this Earth a millennium before these Western genius - and their priceless but 'worthless' contribution in the field mathematics and astronomy.
What if I ask you about the Indian contribution in these fields. Probably, you wouldn't remember anything other than the contribution of Zero. But guys, this isn't true - India's contribution is many times greater. Much before Euler et al were giving solutions to basic algebraic problems, Indian Mathematicians and astronomers had already done it. And folks, here I am not talking about some mystical things like aeroplanes or WMDs (which many - myself included - believe and claim that were an integral part of ancient civilizations, but let us not talk about this now); I am simply talking about theoretical Maths and documented results. Some of these include Solution of equations, Value of π, Use of irrational numbers, geometry, solid geometry (around14h century), etc. etc.
Indeed this contribution is priceless but why then I called it worthless? Because of just one reason - is this work contributed to them - No.....!!! I ask you why is this work not given their name. Something which is written, which has proof that can satisfy anyone - whats the problem in attributing it to them?
I have few links for those interested and wish to update their knowledge database.
Subhash Kak (detail papers)
Wikipedia (in brief)
Indian Maths (Student paper)

Hindi translation


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